21st Century After School Program

If you would like to have your child attend the 21st Century After-School Program please contact Emily Tweet at (928) 642-1136, emily.tweet@mayerschools.org, or ask your child to pick up an application.

Welcome Back!

September 8, 2020

Hi Students and Parents,

Welcome back, from the 21st Century After-School Program! We are so excited to be starting face to face learning again! We will start our program on Monday September 28th. The time we offer the program remains the same during the school week: Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:00 PM. Fridays will also remain the same - 8:15AM -2:00PM.

For the health and safety of the students and staff members, we will be moving classes as a pod. They will stay with their afterschool class at all times and will have little interaction with other classes. We also are asking that students wear face coverings in common areas such as hallways and buses or where social distancing cannot be maintained. Snack will be offered in their classes.

Academic Subjects- Reading, Writing, Math and Science /Enrichment Subjects –LEGO Robotics, Speed Stackers/PS4 sports games, Arts & Crafts, Team Sports, and a computer class. Other classes may be added throughout the year.

There will be bus stops and the scheduled time of drop off and pick-up attached to the application form for all 5 days of the week. Please choose your child’s stop and write this down on the appropriate form. As usual we will be serving snacks at 3:20 Monday-Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Fridays.

Also please take a look at the attached calendar for September. We will be sending out calendars monthly printed on the neon orange paper with any necessary information throughout the school year.

If you have any questions please call Emily Tweet at (928) 642-1136, or ask your child to pick up an application. Please turn in the completed application by Wednesday, September 23rd, in order to have your child start on Tuesday, September 28th. Even if your child was previously enrolled in the 21st Century after-school program, you will need to enroll them again this year. Each student needs to have a completed application. We look forward to seeing you after school and on Fridays!!

Staff Members