Q. What does APTT stand for?

A. APTT is an acronym for Academic Parent Teacher Team.

Q. What is APTT?

A. A family engagement model: APTT is a classroom based systematic approach to parent-teacher collaboration focused on student academic development.

Q. Why is Mayer Elementary implementing APTT? *

A. Research shows that high expectations and communication in the home are powerful and important ingredients in students' academic success. Students who benefit from having highly engaged parents:

  • Do better in school Have a positive attitude toward learning and achievement.
  • Enjoy greater academic socialization at home and in the community.
  • Possess more developed social skills.
  • Have higher rates of high school completion.
  • Are more likely to enroll in college and obtain a degree.

Q. What is my responsibility as a parent within the APTT process?

A. The parent's responsibility is to support the practice of grade level learning goals to ensure mastery.

Q. Do I still need to attend APTT meetings if my child is doing well in school?

A. By attending APTT meetings, you will receive valuable information about how your child is doing in a specific academic skill compared to the rest of the students in your child's class. You will also receive materials and instructions for activities to practice a specific skill with your child at home. When families attend APTT meetings, they go home feeling informed, clear about their role, and committed to their child's learning outcomes.

Q. There are only 2 sessions of APTT meetings and I have more than two children attending the elementary. What do I do?

A. Please attend meetings for the children in your family that have the greatest need academically. If it is possible, have another family member (mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, older sibling, close family friend, or neighbor) attend a meeting for one child, while you attend a meeting for another child. This will allow all of your children to benefit from the APTT process.

Q. What if I cannot make it to the APTT meetings?

A. Sending a family member or friend in place of a parent is more beneficial for student academic growth and achievement. If that is not possible, you may call your child's teacher to schedule a separate meeting to get the necessary information and take-home activities.

Q. How can I attend APTT meetings when I don't have a babysitter?

A. Child care is provided for preschool through 5th grade aged children, during APTT meetings.

Q. My children have sports practice or too much homework for me to attend APTT meetings.

A. No homework will be assigned and no practices will be scheduled the night of APTT meetings.

Q. APTT meetings are scheduled during our family's dinner time.

A. Mayer Elementary will be serving dinner to families that attend APTT meetings. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM between the first APTT meeting session and the second APTT meeting session.

Q. What is the difference between Individual APTT meetings and APTT meetings?

A. Academic Parent-Teacher Teams has two components:

  1. Three 60 minute meetings (all parents together in the classroom). These meetings are designed so that all parents of the students in each class will meet with the teacher at once during one of two sessions. The meetings are data driven and provide information, tools, and strategies for families to support learning. During these meetings, S.M.A.R.T. goals will be made and measureable outcomes will be shared.
  2. One 30 minute individual session (Teacher, student, and students' family). This meeting is similar to a traditional parent-teacher conference. During this meeting, the teacher, the parent and the student go over the outcomes from the first APTT meeting, as well as report cards and testing information.

Q. Who do I contact if I have further questions/concerns about APTT?

A. You may contact your child's teacher if you need more information regarding APTT.

We invite you to partner with us in helping your student achieve academic success. Please check our school calendar for scheduled APPTT meeting dates. The APTT team meetings may cover the following:

  1. An overview of foundational grade-level academic skills.
  2. A glance at your child's current academic progress on the foundational skills.
  3. An opportunity to write academic goals for your child.
  4. A demonstration of activities of what to do with your child at home.
  5. An opportunity to practice using the take-home activities and materials.
  6. An opportunity to network with other parents from your child's class to build schothe ol community. Hope to see you there!